Buyer Services

Welcome to my home Buyer's section, assisting Buyers looking for homes in the City of Greater Sudbury and surrounding areas.

I am committed to providing my Buyers with all of the best advantages when they are purchasing a new home. Through my years of experience I have formed relationships with the best experts in all of the various aspects of the real estate industry, knowledge and expertise which I am proud to share with my Clients.

Be the first to get the hottest new listings!

Many of the "hottest" properties will sell within a day or two of coming on the market. As a Preferred Client you have the opportunity to see new listings the day they hit the market, and get the best deals.

Please Contact Me to become a Preferred Client. I look forward to hearing from you.

Outline Of Buyer Services

Whether you have purchased a home before, or this is your first venture into the Real Estate market, there are surprises around every corner when you are trading in this volatile Real Estate market.

I would like the opportunity to show you how valuable my services are, and all of the things I can do to make this experience less stressful, more profitable, and even fun for you.

Below you will find a point form outline of my Full Service Buyers Plan. Please look briefly through the list and see whether any of the services would benefit you directly. As complicated as it may seem, it will be very simple for you.... "I do all the work".

  • Explore creative financing options - Confirm your goals are attainable, find a financing product which best suits your needs.
  • Save you money! - I work closely with Mortgage Specialists who can usually help you get a better rate than your branch lender, literally saving you thousands of dollars.
  • Estimate of Purchasing expenses - I will outline all potential expenses and provide a comprehensive cost estimate, so you can proceed with confidence.
  • Research the Market - to find all the available listings which match your criteria.
  • Keep you informed - As soon as a new listing hits the market which matches your criteria - you will be the first to know!
  • Target Marketing - If we cannot find the right home in the areas you have chosen, I will canvas neighborhoods for potential Sellers.
  • Safeguard your choices - In this versatile local market prices can change drastically from street to street! I can help you understand the values and choose the right home, at the right price!
  • Schedule appointments – To view homes at your convenience.
  • Follow up – When you see a home you like I will research the property and neighborhood for important information before making an offer.
  • Negotiate on your behalf - get the home you want at the best price!
  • Paperwork! - Prepare all documents so your best interests are protected.
  • Follow through - Many details must be taken care of within a short time frame after an Agreement to Purchase has been accepted. I will ensure we stay on track through to closing, and even beyond!
  • Moving tips - to keep you organized.
  • Advice on professional services - you will require for many aspects of your move.


As an experienced Real Estate Professional I have the skills and industry knowledge which will benefit anyone wishing to work with a seasoned Realtor.


**** Best of All ****


My Full Service Buyers Program is available at no cost to you!